The Friday Five, 5/3/24: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has felt like a long week, but I've been able to see some friends, which I am also doing this weekend, which was nice.

Treadmill screen at my gym
Treadmill screen at my gym

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Working out. I always try to work out twice a week, usually Mondays and Tuesdays, and it usually doesn't happen, but this Monday I did the treadmill at my gym, and on Tuesday a friend joined me—since it was super nice out that day, we walked around the track there (it's a former high school, turned community center) for about 55 minutes, which was nice. The treadmill can track your total distance/calories/duration/etc., too, as you can see in the pic above, and I have a login with it so it knows my name. 
  2. Getting takeout/eating out. On Friday, I brought over Pink Garlic takeout to my fiance's house, which is always tasty. On Saturday, we met up with some of his friends, and got Culver's for dinner (again always tasty), and on Sunday we got Domino's takeout. On Wednesday, my parents, fiance, and I went to Maggiano's in Troy for a belated birthday dinner for my mom, and on Thursday I got Mr. Kabob (Troy) via Doordash, for dinner. 
  3. Watching movies and TV shows. No time for the theater this week, unfortunately, but we watched Napoleon, on AppleTV, which was good but a bit long (about 2.5 hours), and last night I watched The Idea of You, on Prime, which I really enjoyed; it has Anne Hathaway and the guy from Red, White, and Royal Blue (also a Prime movie) in it. I'd give that one 4/5 because I love a good romance. In terms of TV shows, I've still been watching The Circle, The Big Door Prize, Palm Royale, Loot, Under the Bridge, Young Sheldon, Abbott Elementary, The Girls on the Bus, and, my most recent addition, Dinner with the Parents, on Prime/Freevee. 
  4. Hanging out with friends. One of my fiance's friends from Indiana was in town last weekend, so we hung out with him and some of his other friends, in Wixom. On Tuesday, I saw my friend at the gym (whom is also one of my bridesmaids), and I'll see her plus another friend in Ann Arbor for lunch this upcoming Sunday, too. Yesterday I was supposed to have dinner with a friend but unfortunately there was a miscommunication so it did not happen; we will reschedule, though.
  5. Putting together wedding invitations! The actual paper for it (the invite + our RSVP info card—no actual RSVP card/envelope since we have a wedding website where people can RSVP) arrived last week, I believe, and I spent the weekend putting together the invitations ... we bought some other fancy stuff to surround the invitation + RSVP card, without giving away spoilers, and my fiance and I stuffed envelopes plus worked on our registry. Hoping to mail them this Monday at USPS, I'd like to get them "hand stamped" and also have them weigh them just in case it's over an ounce ... it should be just under that weight, otherwise it would need an extra stamp.
Chicken piccata at Maggiano's, Troy
Chicken piccata at Maggiano's, Troy

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