Switching to Xfinity's X1 system {& enter to win a Game Of Thrones-Inspired Trip To Northern Ireland!} #XFINITYreviewer

*Disclosure: I receive discounted Xfinity products in exchange for ongoing blog posts. All opinions listed here, however, are my own.

If you know me in real life, I'm a techie - I remember the day my family and I got our first computer, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. It may surprise you to know, then, that I only *just* got DVR at the end of 2014. It's definitely been a life-changer for me, and it makes my life a lot easier knowing I can record all my shows and watch them later.

I recently upgraded to Xfinity's X1 platform, and it has so many cool features - even more so than my now "old" DVR.

I've been tooling around with the X1 platform for about two weeks now. So far, my favorite things about the platform are:
  1. It's super easy to find shows that I want to watch now. You can use the X1 remote to "type in" show names, using the number keys (for all the millennials out there: remember T9 texting? It's like that). For example, today I wanted to watch 2 Broke Girls, so I typed in 2-0-2-7 (for 2-[space]-B-R-) and 2 Broke Girls came up as an option. I then clicked Episodes, and was able to find the newest one to watch. 
  2. The remote glows! (yes, seriously!) And it somehow knows to only glow when you're holding it. I don't often watch TV in complete darkness, but if I did, this is a handy feature to have.
  3. There are so many on-demand movies. SO. MANY. I'm pretty sure even if I skipped work for a week straight, I wouldn't be able to get through all of them. 
  4. The interface is a lot easier to use than the "old" Xfinity interface (you know the one - with the blue screens) that I used to use. 
  5. Just like your phone, there are some useful apps on the interface - you can check traffic, the weather, or even your bill. Related, you can press the "C" button when watching a show - any show, even if it's on-demand or on DVR - and see the latest sports scores, which my sports-obsessed dad is going to LOVE when he comes to visit.
  6. You can add movies to your favorites - I have been compiling a list of movies I'd like to watch, that I haven't seen yet. So far I've favorited The Wolverine, Grey Gardens, One Fine Day, Annie (older version), Epic, One for the Money, and Belle.
There are a lot more things that I like, too, but I'll keep it to my top ones for now. 

Game Of Thrones-Inspired Trip To Northern Ireland Among Items Up For Grabs To Celebrate Return of Xfinity Watchathon Week

Something cool you may want to know about: Xfinity does a "Watchathon" week every year, where it unlocks all content - including premium stuff, like HBO, etc. - for its customers. This year it will start on April 6th, and you can enter this contest to win a Game of Thrones-inspired trip to Northern Ireland (how awesome would that be?! Ireland has been on my bucket list for a while, too).

The details:
  • A Grand Prize of $20,000
  • A First Prize of a Show-Inspired Trip to Either Northern Ireland or Scotland:Two lucky fans will win one of two show-inspired vacations for themselves and a guest where they’ll be immersed in the real-life setting of one of two acclaimed shows, HBO’s Game of Thrones or the STARZ Original series Outlander.
  • Northern Ireland: Step back into the land of Westeros with this Game of Thrones-inspired trip to Northern Ireland. The winner and his/her guest will travel round-trip to Belfast, spend five nights at a quiet and peaceful inn, and experience four days touring Northern Ireland. The winner will also be awarded $1,000 in spending money.
  • Scotland: Travel back to the 18th century highlands of Scotland in this trip inspired by the STARZ Original series Outlander. The winner and his/her guest will be flown to Edinburg for five nights, including a stay in a magnificent baronial mansion. While there, they’ll be able to explore the world of Outlander’s Claire and Jamie in a classic car with a private driver; and tour Scotland’s most historic sites such as the Edinburgh Castle. They will also pay a visit to the Outlander set, subject to availability, and be given $1,000 in spending money.
  • Daily Prizes of Watchathon Essentials: One winner a day (thirty total winners) will win a "Binge Box" filled with items to help get them through Watchathon Week, including a mini tablet, headphones, Watchathon gear, bonus items from HBO and STARZ, and lots of snacks so they have no excuse to ever leave the couch.

Make sure you enter to win by clicking here before April 12th!

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