Interview: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Vampire Diaries, Nash Bridges) at Motor City Comic Con

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, The Vampire Diaries. Credit:

I had the good fortune to snag a few minutes with Jodi Lyn O'Keefe while attending the Motor City Comic Con this past weekend. If you're a Vampire Diaries fan, she needs no introduction, as (spoiler) something major just happened with her character (Dr. Jo) on the show. If you're of an older generation, you might remember her as Don Johnson's daughter from Nash Bridges, which my father and I used to watch together.

Warning ... some Vampire Diaries spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the most recent two episodes.

Emma Caulfield, Ksenia Solo, & Jodi Lyn
O'Keefe (right) after their MCCC panel
Yes/No Films: So, that Vampire Diaries ending - how do you feel about it?

O'Keefe: I haven't come to terms with it yet (laughs). I loved being there, and if you have to go, go big.

Do you still keep in touch with all the cast members?


My dad and I used to watch you on Nash Bridges.

Oh you did - so you're the one! (laughs)

Do you keep in touch with any of [the Nash Bridges cast]?

I run into Cheech Marin from time to time. I think if you knew Cheech Marin, it's like, how can you not keep in touch with him, he's one of the funniest people on the planet; it's nice to see him from time to time. We're all so scattered, and it's been such a great many years.

He's in that new show Jane the Virgin, he popped up as a guest star.

Awesome. I love it when he works, he should work all the time; he's so great.

So do you prefer [acting in] TV or movies?

I love it all. Movies are great because they're a finite amount of time - you get in and you can work on it for a few months and then you move on - but with television, you get to really take your time and find out who you are as a character. I get ten whole months to find different nuances and storylines ... they're both amazing to work in.

Do you think Vampire Diaries would ever bring you back, like in a flashback or anything?

I hope so, because if not, I might be the (SPOILER) first dead person to NOT come back.

Ha, that's true!

... because, they've ALL come back. So I'm hopeful, I have my fingers crossed.

I've been seeing on Twitter everyone tweeting with #BringBackJo. 

#BringBackJo! I got a little watery eyed when I saw that because it started Thursday night and it hasn't quit yet. That's a nice compliment, that people want me to stick around.

Did you guest-star on Boston Legal?

I did, for three or four episodes.

Did you know that William Shatner will be here later today?

Yes, I do. I'm a Trekkie, and I'm a big Will Shatner fan ... I'm going to try and sneak over and say hello to him today. I grew up on Star Trek. My dad and I - every single episode I've seen multiple times.

I actually haven't seen Star Trek, but I've seen Boston Legal - I'm a big fan of his.

Well, he was amazing - so much fun to watch.

A big thanks to Jodi Lyn O'Keefe for taking time to talk with me and to CKC Agency for facilitating this interview.

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