Vegas on the cheap: Using the myVegas app

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.

Bellagio Las Vegas water fountains

I recently visited Vegas last month, which was my first personal trip there since 2013 (I go about every 2 years or so for work, though), and this was also my first time redeeming rewards from the myVegas app.

The app is free to download and to play, although you get more perks if you do spend some money in the app.

Chihuly ceiling at Bellagio Las Vegas

First off, there are four apps to download: myVegas, Konami, myVegas Blackjack, and POP! Slots. You could choose to just download one, but I like to maximize my gold coins (or "Loyalty Points," as they are officially named) so that I can get more rewards. If you want to earn faster, checkout and you will find free daily chips for all the different myVegas games!

My favorites of these are the myVegas app and POP! Slots. Again, remember to grab your daily Pop Slots free chips and myVegas free chips! My luck seems to be worse on Konami, and Blackjack is fun but requires a bit more thinking vs. just spinning slots.

How the games work is pretty simple: you have "playing coins" in which you can spend on the slot machines. The more coins you bet, the more "gold coins" (aka Loyalty Points) you earn. Once you have enough LPs (Loyalty Points), you can turn those in for rewards.

There are "premium" and non-premium rewards. Each player can only use three premium rewards per account—however, there are tricks to maximize these. For example, I had my boyfriend play myVegas as well, so we were each able to get three premium rewards on our trip.

If you end up spending about $50+ in the app, too, you are able to get four premium rewards, and even some rewards that don't show up for "newbies" like me; for example, I'm going back to Vegas in April and the friend I am going with has a rewards for two free lunch/breakfast buffets at Aria show up. This reward does not show up in the app for me.

The three premium rewards I used on our last trip was one free night at Bellagio (only had to pay the resort fee, so about $50!), one free ticket for Zumanity, at NYNY, and the Aria absinthe experience, which is no longer offered on the app.

Rewards can vary from a free buffet, to 1-2 free nights at a hotel, to BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) drinks. There are some non-food and hotel rewards too, like a helicopter ride over the Strip (500,000 LPs, which I am hoping to get for my next trip!) or event tickets, like for LOVE at the Mirage or Zumanity.

Here's a rundown of the rewards we redeemed on our last trip, and my thoughts on them:
  • 1 free night at Bellagio. It had always been a dream of mine to stay at Bellagio, since it's one of my favorite Vegas hotels, primarily because of the water show. The room itself was super nice, but I was actually glad we were only there one night, because we were at the way, way end of a hallway. We spent our other 3 nights in Vegas at Bally's. For any hotel rewards, you do have to pay the daily resort fee, which for Bellagio was about $51. 
  • BOGO Aria lunch buffet + (stacked with) unlimited drinks. This was a great reward, and since it's not completely free, it's a NON-PREMIUM reward too ... there are no limits on the amount of non-premium rewards you can get. Normally the Aria breakfast/lunch buffet is about $30.99 per person, so for about $33 with tax, we got TWO buffets plus unlimited drinks ... total with tip was about $48, and would have been $115 otherwise. 
  • 2 tickets to the Mirage Secret Garden. This was one of my favorite activities we did on the trip, free or non-free, actually. The dolphins were super cute, they have a bunch of tigers, and we were fortunate enough that Siegfried (yes, THAT Siegfried!) was hanging out there around that time too, so we got a picture with him (see above). This is a premium reward and costs 90,000 LPs. 
  • Aria Absinthe experience. The drink was very ... licorice-tasting (like absinthe is) but the way the bartender put it together was fun. I don't believe the myVegas app currently has this as a reward, though.
  • Zumanity tickets. We each got a free Zumanity ticket through the app ($60+ price otherwise). It's a fun show although we had just seen Absinthe at Caesars the night before, which I ended up liking better. 
  • BOGO crepes at NYNY. Another non-premium reward, and the crepes are about $10 each normally. We had a delicious peach crepe, and then a balsamic caprese one that was just okay. 

Rewards I had in my "wallet" but didn't end up using:
  • BOGO gelato at Bellagio. I've heard this is delicious but we had no time to use it. 
  • $50 worth of drinks at Times Square Bar, NYNY. We made a rookie mistake and loaded the Aria Absinthe experience onto our mLife card before actually deciding to go, and since this is a premium reward, we unfortunately were unable to use it.
  • $15/$25 at Cucina, Crystals. I'm a huge Wolfgang Puck fan and we were going to use this for $25 off dinner, but again didn't have room in our meal schedule.
Some tips and tricks to get you started with the games:
  1. Download all four apps, and play often. I usually play every day, even if it's only to get the daily bonuses. 
  2. There is a myVegas desktop game, which is different from the mobile game. You sign in on Facebook for each game, so everything is linked, but you can have this spinning on your laptop while you play myVegas on your phone or tablet, as well. 
  3. Make sure you read all of the fine print. For example: I want to get the Secret Garden reward again for April, but you only have 30 days to use it ... which means we can't actually redeem it in the app until end of March, for my April 25th trip. Other rewards say 60 days, and some say 90 days. 
  4. Send "gifts" to your friends each day, and hopefully they send some back. "Gifts" mean more playing coins for you, and also for them. 
  5. If there's a reward you really want, you may have to stalk it a bit. I've still had no luck getting the helicopter reward, as of yet, because there is only ONE reward available per day. Others, like the Aria buffet BOGO, can be acquired but it may take some patience. The app refreshes the rewards every day but never at the same time.
  6. There is a difference between "playing coins" and "gold coins" (aka Loyalty Points). The playing coins are what you use to gamble with, the "gold coins" (aka LPs) are what you use to redeem rewards. 
  7. Check the website for more free chips. If you've run out of playing coins, don't fret—you can check this website where they often give free Web and Mobile coins. myVegas Blackjack occasionally does this, as well as POP! and Konami, too.
Overall, I'd highly recommend the apps ... I didn't do the math but we saved a LOT of money using them on our last Vegas trip (Bellagio itself is usually $150+ per night, before resort fees). I'm still new to the myVegas world but overall it's been interesting, and the games themselves on the apps are a lot of fun, too.

Have any questions about myVegas or the other apps? Leave a comment!

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