The Friday Five, 11/5/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed even longer than last week, and I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit on Saturday and Sunday. 

Coffee buns from PappaRoti, Rochester Hills
Coffee buns from PappaRoti, Rochester Hills

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Influencer event at PappaRoti, Rochester Hills. As you can see above, on Saturday I was able to sample a wide variety at PappaRoti, which is actually an international chain—its first U.S. store was in Farmington. I had never been to PappaRoti before but always wanted to try it, as it's in the same plaza as Crumbl in Rochester Hills (and of course I stopped at Crumbl after for one cookie to-go, also, haha ...). Everything was pretty delicious. You can check out my Instagram reel on it here.
  2. Wizard-themed murder mystery party. My friends actually used to do a lot of murder-mystery parties in the past, but with the pandemic I haven't gone to one in probably 2-3 years. A friend had a very small one on Saturday night (about 11 people, and you had to be vaccinated to attend) and it was a lot of fun—I ended up being the murderer but no one guessed until the very end. She also made themed drinks and food, such as crockpot butterbeer, which was also delicious. 
  3. Going out to eat, and cooking. On Friday, I met a friend at Sherwood Brewing, in Shelby Twp.—it was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it, because their pickle pizza ended up being the best I've ever had ... they use garlic aioli and fresh dill. Their pizza only comes in two sizes, small and extra-large, and I highly recommend getting the small, for two people, and perhaps an appetizer, as the XL is *huge.* My friend ordered the pretzel sticks for us and those were also REALLY good—they came with herbed cream cheese, I don't even like cream cheese usually but that was delicious too. On Monday, I went out to Sedona Taphouse for dinner, and on Tuesday, I stopped by Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak—sadly, they don't do their teapots anymore, but you can get an individual tea and they will give you additional hot water for it. As for cooking, I didn't do a ton of it this week but I did cook a Marley Spoon steak recipe last night (see below for pic) and I had Dinnerly last week, I believe.
  4. Seeing Pretty Woman at the Fisher Theatre. Twenty months after I last stepped foot in the Fisher, for Fiddler on the Roof in March 2020 (which got canceled midway through, due to COVID, so I'm glad I was able to see it), I was back! My mom and I went to see Pretty Woman this Wednesday, and it was a fun show; it's here until November 14th. The person who played the lead male role (Richard Gere's role from the movie) was Adam Pascal, whom I didn't realize was so famous; he's a Tony Award nominee, and he actually played the same role in the Broadway version too. Next up on the docket for me is Hadestown, on Nov 23rd, which I've never seen but have heard good things about, and What The Constitution Means to Me (a play, not a musical), on December 15th. 
  5. Adding air to my tires. This is one "single lady" thing I don't like doing—my ex-boyfriend used to fill air into my tires which was nice because I got to stay warm in the car, lol. On the way to Detroit on Wednesday night, my tire light went off, which always annoys me because I don't know if it's for real or if the sensor is messed up—in the summer, it used to go off all the time randomly. I took it to Belle Tire on Thursday, when it was like 40 degrees out, and filled up all four tires myself. Each of them were a bit low (should have been 33 PSI for front, and 32 PSI for back, and each were around 27-28 PSI) so that's actually a good thing, because hopefully it means the sensor going off was legit. 
Steak with walnut-parmesan vinaigrette & broccoli, from Marley Spoon
Steak with walnut-parmesan vinaigrette & broccoli, from Marley Spoon

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