The Friday Five, 5/13/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I have been staying up too late recently, till like 1am, and then I'm super tired the next day ... just watching TV on my iPad and playing Wordle and whatnot, but I need to curb it back to like 11:30pm-12am. This was a fun and busy week and this weekend is colonoscopy prep, which I have been dreading, because it means I can only have liquids for two days straight.

Pad Thai roll with chicken, from Bangkok 96 at Detroit Shipping Co.
Pad Thai roll with chicken, from Bangkok 96 at Detroit Shipping Co.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing shows in Detroit. On Saturday night, I saw Stars on Ice with my boyfriend, a friend, and her daughter, which was a lot of fun—I love ice skating but am terrible at it, so I definitely prefer being a spectator. The show was at Little Caesars Arena and thankfully not that busy. On Sunday, I went back to Detroit, this time to the Fox to see An American in Paris with my boyfriend, a different friend, and her husband. I had seen the show a few years ago at the Opera House and it was very good; I'd give it 3.5/5 stars.
  2. Eating in Detroit, and other places. Last Friday my parents and I did Hungry Howie's takeout; we usually do pizza takeout on Fridays when I see them, but today I'm not allowed to have tomatoes, due to colonoscopy prep, so we might do Jersey Mike's or Noodles or something else. On Saturday, my friend and I were originally planning on Green Dot Stables for dinner, but I completely forgot it was the Kentucky Derby day ... GDS was planning a huge party, and she drove by there and it looked packed, so we ended up doing Detroit Shipping Co. instead, one of my Detroit favorites (tip: they have free parking in the back, too!). What's cool about DSC is that it's basically a food court—they have Thai food at Bangkok 96, Mediterranean food at the Halal place, Caribbean food from Coop Caribbean, and there is also a new burger place, a Nepalese dumplings place, and a coffee/nitrogen ice cream place upstairs. They also have a ton of outdoor seating if you're looking for somewhere COVID-safe to dine. 
    On Sunday, my friends and boyfriend and I went to Founders for dinner after the show, which was a bit of a walk from the Fox area but always is tasty; I had "The Gobbler" sandwich, which had pulled pork and bacon, and we all shared some of their soft pretzels. My boyfriend and I also got a beer flight—my favorites there are definitely Rubaeus, and the taproom has it on Nitro, and also Green Zebra, but it was interesting to try some of the others, too. 
  3. Finishing shows + starting new ones. Made for Love continues on HBO Max and we started watching Candy, a Hulu miniseries about a true crime event, which has been very good; Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey are in it. I also started The First Lady, on Showtime, and Hacks on HBO Max is back this week too, which I highly recommend. This weekend I plan on finishing S2E2 of Hacks, and also watching more of The Courtship. If you're a Sarah Dessen fan, Netflix made her book Along for the Ride into a movie, too, which I also want to watch, and since it's colonoscopy prep weekend I should have a lot of time to watch shows. 
  4. Cooking. I had Gobble last week and Marley Spoon this week. I had only tried Gobble one other time before, and wasn't super impressed, but they were offering an $8.99 special for three meals, which is a great price, so I tried it again. The meals were good, although the last meal we made was a steak and lentil meal and I'm not a fan of lentils. I don't like that Gobble makes it hard for you to cancel your account, though; you have to go to a special link for it, which is hard to find on their homepage. Marley Spoon is one of my faves but rarely gives discounts ... it's normally $60-70 a week now, I believe (for three, two-portion meals) but I snagged a $26 box. My last Marley meal was steak with sriracha butter, blistered potatoes, and garlic green beans, and I made that yesterday; it was very good and now I have the second portion for lunch today. Normally my boyfriend and I have been cooking them together so we just split the two portions.
  5. Upcoming colonoscopy prep. The thing I dread all year is happening this weekend. "Normal" people get to do the prep that Beaumont used to have me do, which is that the day before your procedure, you can only have liquids, and then you start drinking the prep liquid that night, and your procedure is the next day. UM's prep, at least for me, is that two days before the procedure, I can only have liquids—I usually drink a lot of Coke, root beer, cream soda, apple juice, white grape juice, and the only solid foods I have are Italian ice, popsicles, and Jell-O. The day before the procedure, I keep doing that, but I start drinking the prep solution, and that occurs Sunday morning, Sunday evening, AND Monday morning. Monday you also cannot have any liquids except the prep liquid, and a tiny bit of water with pills if needed.
    For Saturday-Sunday, I also can have gummy bears, but only light-colored ones ... technically my prep doesn't say I can do this, but other sites do, and I had no issues last year with it. I literally bought a 6-pound bag of gummies from BJ's the other day and my boyfriend and I sorted it the other day so that the clear, yellow, and green varieties went into a separate bag for me for the weekend. Last year was my first time doing this 2-3 day prep and it is not fun. I will say that the actual procedure is easy, though, because they put you under for it ... the hardest part is them getting the IV in, because at that point you are dehydrated.
Beer flight at Founders, Detroit
Beer flight at Founders, Detroit

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