The Friday Five, 10/28/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I can't believe it's already the end of October—this month FLEW by, possibly because I had a work trip and then two weddings to attend, but still. We are headed to Portage this weekend to visit friends, but will be back Sunday night in time for Halloween on Monday. As a childless adult, Halloween is unfortunately not that exciting anymore, but we are going to have a work Zoom "lunch party" of sorts in costume so that will be fun.

Free pizza from Green Lantern, Madison Heights
Free pizza from Green Lantern, Madison Heights

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Dining in and doing takeout. Last Friday, I had lunch with a friend at Condado Tacos in Royal Oak, which is always good. On Saturday, my mom and I had Noodles for lunch again, because of their 50% off deal, and my boyfriend, a friend, and I went to Frita Batidos in Detroit for dinner before a show, which is always tasty; I usually get a frita (burger) and their garlic fries. On Sunday, we had takeout lunch and dinner with friends, while my boyfriend and one of them brewed beer, and it was Indian from Aahar, in Farmington Hills, and then Chicago-style deep-dish pizza from UNO, also in Farmington Hills. On Wednesday, I headed to the Tropical Smoothie near me to redeem my free T-Mobile Tuesdays smoothie, and on Thursday, we got a free Green Lantern pizza (they sometimes send these to me since I'm signed up for their enewsletter). 
  2. Seeing Wheel of Fortune Live, at the Fox. This was a hoot, and I was fortunate to have blogger tickets to it. My boyfriend, a friend, and I attended this last Saturday. We ended up sitting right next to my giveaway winner so we said hi to them too. Clay Aiken, from season 2 of American Idol, was the host, and he did a great job. Although none of us got called to the stage, it was still pretty fun, as I'm a big fan of Wheel of Fortune
  3. Watching movies. Last Friday I saw Black Adam at the theater, which was fun but I'd give 3/5 to; it's not one I need to see again. Yesterday I watched Rosaline on Hulu, one I had been looking forward to seeing, and unfortunately I wasn't super enamored with it; I'd give it maybe 3/5 or 3.5/5, mostly for Kaitlyn Dever's acting. Yesterday I also saw Till at the theater; I knew it was going to be sad, but I definitely regretted not bringing Kleenex, although I did have some theater napkins to use. I would give that one 4.5/5 stars, and the crazy thing is that some of the players in the story are still alive, albeit in their late 80's now. 
  4. Brewing with friends. My boyfriend likes to brew beer, and two of his friends came over on Sunday to do that (hence all the takeout on Sunday). They also brought their dog, which is a Kerry blue terrier and super cute. One of my boyfriend's cats was curious about him but still kept her distance, too, as she's not used to dogs in the house (he has two cats). After the brewing is done, it still takes a few more weeks for it to (ferment? not sure of terminology) before it's drinkable, though.
  5. Falling down. On that same day, Sunday, I was walking from the backyard to the porch at my boyfriend's house to pick up an Amazon package, and I tripped on an acorn or something on the way back and went sprawling. I was wearing jeans but I still have two nasty-looking bruises on my knee, and I think I fell on my right knee and arm, because the arm is still swollen now, five days later, unfortunately, and also turning a shade of yellow. I'm luckily still able to move both but I was shaken up by it, and I'm hoping the arm swelling goes down soon, or else I may try to see a doctor next week. 
Wheel of Fortune Live, with Clay Aiken, at the Fox Theatre, Detroit
Wheel of Fortune Live, with Clay Aiken, at the Fox Theatre, Detroit

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