The Friday Five, 11/4/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has been a very busy week, capped off by a visit to JoJo's ShakeBAR in Detroit yesterday, which was very tasty (check my Instagram later today for a reel). This weekend I have my Crohn's infusion and then Monday I leave on a work trip to Santa Barbara, which I'm excited about—it's my first time attending this particular conference and also I've never been to SB before.

Two shakes at JoJo's ShakeBAR, Detroit
Two shakes at JoJo's ShakeBAR, Detroit

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Visiting friends in Portage. On Friday, I worked a half-day, and my boyfriend and I drove to Portage (about 2.5-hour drive) to visit one of my college friends and her husband. We got Nonla Burger for dinner that night, because it's one of my favorites, and we usually play board games all weekend, like Settler of Catan, Machi Koro, Monopoly Deal (technically a card game), and others. On Saturday, we went to Schultz Farms, in Mattawan, and they had really good peach pie, apple cider, and cider donuts. On Sunday, we got takeout from Latitude 42, in Portage, and their pickle pizza was really good too.
  2. Visiting JoJo's ShakeBAR for an influencer visit. We did this yesterday, and everything was very tasty. We started off with their onion rings and loaded fries, one cocktail each, and one entree each—I got the mini Chicago-style hot dogs and my boyfriend got the spicy chicken sandwich. We finished the meal with one shake each—I had the Rocky IV, minus the banana syrup, and it was basically a Reese's Pieces shake and delicious. He had a chocolate shake which had OREO and other goodies in it. The shakes are "freak shakes" meaning they are large and topped with fun stuff, such as a cake pop, a chocolate marshmallow, and a chocolate cookie (in the chocolate shake, which you can see in the picture above). The Rocky IV shake had a peanut butter cookie on top, a marshmallow, and I think white chocolate on a stick.
  3. Giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. I never get any trick-or-treaters (TOTers, if you will) at my condo, and this year I helped my boyfriend pass out candy to TOTers, since he has a house. We only got eight TOTers but apparently that's a record—in previous years, I think the record was only three. I feel like as an adult you don't really get to celebrate Halloween much, especially if you are childless like I am, so it was fun. I also did a Halloween Zoom with some coworkers that day too, and we all dressed up, so that was also fun. 
  4. Cooking. I had Dinnerly last week and this week, since they've been giving me some deals, and next week I am not ordering a box since I'll be away. This week, one of my favorite Dinnerly meals was the ranch-flavored steak (with ranch butter on top) with BBQ-spiced potatoes. 
  5. Watching TV shows. I'm all caught up on the newest three episodes of Love is Blind, and the finale next week should be great. I'm about halfway done with this week's MAFS reunion episode, and my boyfriend and I started watching The Expanse on Prime—there are six seasons out already, he's seen them all but I haven't seen any of them, and I like sci-fi, so I liked the first episode I saw (pilot episode). I'm also watching A Friend of the Family, on Peacock, which is pretty creepy, especially more so because it's based on a true story, but Jake Lacy is great as the "family friend" in it; Anna Paquin is also the mother in it, and Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks' son) is the father. 
Pickle pizza from Latitude 42, Portage
Pickle pizza from Latitude 42, Portage

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