The Friday Five, 12/2/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

Not much going on this week, because after Houston last week, we both got bad colds ... because of that, I still saw my parents at Thanksgiving but wore a mask when not eating, and we skipped seeing my boyfriend's family in Indiana. About 1.5 weeks later now, my cold is about 90% gone, so that's good.

Caramels tasting, from Trader Joe's
Caramels tasting, from Trader Joe's

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Staying home sick last weekend. We canceled Indiana and needed to just sit and do nothing, so we watched a lot of TV shows and also ordered Doordash ... I think we had Thai food one night, sliders from Sidecar Slider Bar another night, and Indian food one night. We also tried this caramels tasting thing as pictured above, from Trader Joe's—a friend's husband told me about that, and my mom bought it for me when she was last at TJ's. It was pretty interesting because you know the list of flavors, just not what order they are all in. 
  2. Watching movies and TV shows. Yesterday at the theater I went to go see Strange World in 3D. I went in mostly blind, other than knowing it's a Disney movie and has a great voice cast, and overall I liked it but didn't love it—I'd give it 3.5/5 stars because I lost interest in the middle of it (probably didn't help that I was the only one in the theater, too, so I was able to play on my phone a bit, lol ...) BUT the 3D was really good and so was the animation. The story was a little predictable, family-wise (family dynamics), but I've seen the rest of the story being compared to 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea and other adventure movies, and that part was interesting.
    I've also been catching up on TV shows—the Gossip Girl reboot is back as of yesterday, with two new episodes up on HBO Max, and I started Fleishman is in Trouble on Hulu, with Jesse Eisenberg, and I really like it. I also caught up on The Good Doctor, and both Firefly Lane and My Unorthodox Life have new seasons up today on Netflix, so I'll be starting those sometime soon too. 
  3. Attending events. Yelp Detroit was hosting a pick-up event (i.e. you go whenever you are free, within a certain few days) at The Great Greek West Bloomfield, so on Monday my boyfriend and I got takeout. I got a chicken "The Great Greek Gyro" with baklava and a soft drink, and he got the same but with their traditional lamb/beef mix gyro. My gyro was very good—the feta and tzatziki sauce especially—and the baklava was also delicious, albeit huge. I've been to TGG's Troy location before and liked it, including their feta fries, so I'll be back for that at some point. Over on Facebook they're doing a Dec. special for buy 1 gyro get one half-off, so check that out if you're interested.
    On Wednesday, I felt well enough to go out, so a friend and I attending the VIP opening of DraftKings Sports & Social, in Troy, right behind Somerset South (check out my reel here). If you like sports betting and/or watching sports on a HUGE screen, definitely check it out. They sent us home with goody bags filled with a $25 betting gift card plus a Pistons t-shirt, a cookie, and some other fun stuff, so I'll be back at some point to use that; when we were there, they also gave us a gaming gift card, which I was unable to use (they have a few pinball, skeeball, etc. machines) because they were occupied, so I'll be back to use that too. 
  4. Cooking. I did not order a meal kit last week because I figured we'd be in Houston and then Indiana, but this week I ordered Dinnerly. On Tuesday, I made a steak frites meal, which was delicious but didn't fill me up that much since I also did virtual zumba that night—it's about a 500 calorie meal. Last night, I made its two-cheese pizza gnocchi, which was also good—it had fontina and parmesan cheeses—but could have used some chicken, which unfortunately I did not have on hand. I ordered four meals from Dinnerly this week since it was a promo price for me (I think $21 for four meals, great price!), so I also have low-calorie chicken teriyaki and a pesto meatloaf meal to make this weekend. 
  5. Watched the UM-OSU game. I was surprised that UM ended up crushing them ... it was close at first but then OSU got weaker throughout. UM made it to the Big Ten Championship Game, which is tomorrow vs. Purdue (my boyfriend's college, actually) ... however, Purdue is like 7-5 or 8-4, I believe, so I don't anticipate it being a close game (fingers crossed).
Two-cheese Pizza Gnocchi from Dinnerly
Two-cheese Pizza Gnocchi from Dinnerly

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