The Friday Five, 2/17/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has been a tough week, even though I'm now COVID-free. Starting in November, I did two sleep studies, which showed I had mild sleep apnea, and I decided to try a CPAP machine because of that—I never get good sleep and I never feel rested. It is a LOT to get used to, and I started it Sunday but yesterday (Thursday) has been the only night I was able to wear it for the whole night (7 hours); however, I still woke up multiple times, which was one of my original problems, so if that continues I may not continue with it. 

Duel in the D, at Little Caesars Arena
Duel in the D, at Little Caesars Arena

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Duel in the D hockey game at LCA. A few days after I tested negative for COVID, my boyfriend, two friends, and I went to see UM vs. MSU hockey at Duel in the D at Little Caesars Arena (LCA). I had only been to one other hockey game in my life—ironically, also a UM game, while I was a student—and this ended up being fun. UM won in overtime with only about a half-second left, so that was pretty exciting. My boyfriend and I also bought tickets to a Red Wings game in April—I've never been to one, and if you buy tickets *at* LCA, you don't have to pay Ticketmaster fees. 
  2. Jagged Little Pill at the Fisher Theatre. On Wednesday night, my mom and I went to the Fisher to see Jagged Little Pill, the musical set to Alanis Morissette songs. I didn't know much about it going in, and WOW, I was blown away—I'd probably give it 4.5/5 stars. There is a story that the music is woven around, which I also didn't know, and it was really, really good; keep an eye out in particular for one character singing "You Oughta Know," one of my favorite Alanis songs. It's playing at the Fisher until 2/26 and I highly recommend it—more info here.
  3. Using the CPAP machine. As I mentioned before, it's definitely been a learning curve. Sunday was my first day using it and was pretty miserable. On Monday and Tuesday I started to get the hang of it a little more, but I still was unable to use it the whole night. There are three different types of masks: a full face mask; a "nasal pillow," which is the least restrictive; and a full nasal mask, which is what I have. I'm allowed to change the type of mask if I want, but I only have 30 days to do so. I called and talked to a specialist on Wednesday and he was surprised I even was recommended a mask, as my sleep apnia is very mild; so we'll see if I stick with it or not. I think I'm unfortunately out quite a bit of money if I do not, as it was about $300 for supplies and then the mask itself is $46-ish per month, as it's a "rent to own" type situation. So far I'm not sure if it has helped me with my sleep; one day I slept the whole time (5-6 hours) and did not wake up during sleep, which is my goal, but last night I wore it for 7 hours and woke up multiple times. 
  4. Going out to eat and getting delivery. We tried Lefty's Cheesesteaks through Doordash last weekend; the Korean BBQ sub was pretty good, the wings were too but unfortunately not as good as I remembered them being from the blogger event I attended in summer 2021. We also went to Culver's on Sunday night, which was nice because it was SUPER empty because everyone was watching the Super Bowl. 
  5. Prepping for my work trip. I have a 4-night work trip to Destin, FL, next week, for a candy conference, which should be pretty interesting. Fun fact: Destin is in the panhandle of Florida, and is on Central Time, instead of Eastern, which I did not know. I'm flying Southwest both ways and I have a stop in Nashville each time; my flight on Sunday is at 7:25am so I will definitely use the layover to rest a bit. I recently opened up a credit card that gives me 10 Priority Pass lounge visits per year, and Nashville has something called "Minute Suites," where they give you a little room for an hour to use (with a couch) so I may try to squeeze in a nap. 
Jagged Little Pill at the Fisher Theatre, Detroit
Jagged Little Pill at the Fisher Theatre, Detroit 

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