The Friday Five, 2/16/24: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has seemed like a busy week, and tonight we are going to Holland for a wedding tasting tomorrow ... and then Sunday I'm going to Jacksonville, FL for work, so basically I will unpack and then repack my bags. 

Duel in the D, at LCA
Duel in the D, at LCA

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Duel in the D, at Little Caesars Arena (LCA). I had blogger tickets for this, and we went last year too—last year we had lower bowl seats, general admission, which were great, and this year we had upper bowl seats, which are still nice but definitely less leg room. We went with four of my fiance's friends, and one of their babies, and it was still a fun game even though UM lost to MSU, 3-2 (last year they won in overtime!). I got to wear one of my "vintage" UM football t-shirts also (the official game shirt, from 2007 ... lol!), and I saw some of the UM band was there ... I did some quick math, and if they were seniors, they were probably born in 2002, and if freshman, 2006, which is wild (I graduated UM in 2009). 
  2. Going out/getting takeout. Last Friday, I had a Hardee's gift card to use, so I went to the Hazel Park location for takeout for us—I had actually never been to a Hardee's, and it was pretty good. I also stopped at Crumbl in Royal Oak, right before that, to use my free birthday coupon—they give you a lot of leeway on the expiration date, my birthday is mid-January and the coupon was expiring on February 22nd. On Saturday night, before Duel in the D, we actually *went* to Sidecar Slider Bar, in Farmington; we get Doordash from there a lot, because their cheese curds are so good, but this was only our second time dining in the restaurant. On Sunday, I saw my parents, and we got Hungry Howie's takeout, per usual, plus their cheesy bread, which was very tasty. On Wednesday aka Valentine's Day, I also stopped at Tiger Sugar WB because I had a BOGO coupon, to get my favorite drink there, the #3 (chocolate malt drink), which I highly recommend.
  3. Watching TV shows. A lot of my favorites are back, including Love is Blind on Netflix. I also finished Griselda on Netflix, which is based on a true story, and I've been watching my returned Hulu shows, like Abbott Elementary and Not Dead Yet, and still Expats on Prime. I also binge-watched One Day, on Netflix, which ended very sadly; I have seen the Anne Hathaway movie and read the book too, so I wasn't entirely unprepared, but it was still pretty devastating. 
  4. Seeing Madame Web at the theater. Last night I saw Madame Web, going in with pretty low expectations, because it had 15% on Rotten Tomatoes right before I left. However, I actually thought it was entertaining, in a "popcorn movie" type of way (i.e., a few plot holes, but just don't think about it much ...). If you're a fan of the Spider-Man movies, you'll be interested how this ties in to that story, too. You can see my mini Twitter review of it here.
  5. Traveling to Holland. Not much more to add for this week, so I'll add this instead—we are traveling to Holland later today (taking a half-day at work) because our wedding venue is hosting a tasting tomorrow. While we are there, I'm also hoping to have dinner at New Holland Brewery tonight (their pickle pizza is delicious), and I booked a salon consultation for wedding hair/makeup tomorrow at a local salon, as well.
Cheese curds at Sidecar Slider Bar, Farmington
Cheese curds at Sidecar Slider Bar, Farmington

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