The Friday Five, 2/2/24: 5 things I've been up to this week

This felt like another long week, but I think part of it is I went to bed way too late last night (around 1am/1:30am) so I'm tired again today. 

Dinner at The Eagle, Detroit
Dinner at The Eagle, Detroit

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out + takeout. My fiance was sick last weekend, so we did a lot of takeout. On Friday, I used my $3 T-Mobile code for a half-and-half Little Caesars pizza, which was actually quite good—it was half pepperoni pizza, and half of their Italian Cheese Bread. On Saturday, I had my infusion, and I brought back Panera after; they were doing buy 1 meal get 1 half-off, and I also have gift cards. On Tuesday, I attended The Eagle's "Days of Giving" promo, where the bill for the entire table was comped, minus drinks, which was tasty; The Eagle is always good, and we went with two friends. Today I have plans with a friend at Granite City in Troy, which will be fun—they do a good happy hour, I haven't been in a bit, and I haven't seen this friend in a while either. 
  2. Watching movies. I've watched a lot of movies this week, mostly for this blog! My fiance and I saw Wish and later I saw Next Goal Wins, which was a fun one. We also FINALLY watched Killers of the Flower Moon, on AppleTV, and I thought the story was an interesting one, although it definitely could've been shorter than 3.5 hours. We saw The Marvels, too, which unfortunately I thought was just so-so; I gave it 2.5/5 stars in my review. And last night, I went to see American Fiction at the theater, and really enjoyed it; I gave it 4.5/5 stars in my video review.
  3. Cooking. We received a HelloFresh box on Monday but I screwed up this week and forgot to skip EveryPlate, so we received an EveryPlate box as well ... when I realized my mistake, I reached out to them on chat and they said they could delay the box till Thursday, and let me change my meals from the 3 default meals, too ... instead, it arrived Monday with the 3 default meals. I wasn't happy so I reached out again, and they basically comped me the box (they gave me a $39 credit, which is the box total before shipping, although I usually don't pay full price) so that was nice of them. Next week will be Green Chef, on a discount, which is always a treat.
  4. Wedding planning. Everything is expensive, is the TL;DR. We have been trying to plan some stuff—our photographer is based on Cincinnati (it's one a friend used, and that my fiance liked) so we'll be heading there in about a month for an engagement shoot (yes, another; lol. We did one in Boston but this photographer includes one in her packages, and it will be good to meet her before the wedding, too). I've also been looking into options for a rehearsal lunch the day before the wedding, but if you including the word "rehearsal" before the word "lunch," prices instantly double or triple. Boo. 
  5. Recording multimedia for work. Generally I have one podcast and one video per month for work that I record, but this week I had three ... a podcast on fruit snacks on Monday, a video on favorite new products of the month, yesterday, and today I have another podcast, which got scheduled rather last-minute, on licorice.
Little Caesars pizza: half pepperoni, half Italian bread
Little Caesars pizza: half pepperoni, half Italian bread

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