The Friday Five, 6/7/24: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed rather long, for some reason, so I'm glad it's Friday. 

Detroit-style pizza from Uncle Andy's PizzaDetroit-style pizza from Uncle Andy's Pizza
Detroit-style pizza from Uncle Andy's Pizza

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Getting takeout/dining out. Last Friday, I picked up some Uncle Andy's Pizza from their Orchard Lake Rd. location—a few years ago, they had a Clawson location, and always had Groupons available, so I was consistently getting their $20 Chicago-style deep dish pizza for $10, which was amazing. That location has since closed, but the Orchard Lake Rd. one is close to my fiance's house, in Farmington, so sometimes we do takeout. They had a free cheesy bread coupon, so we got the Detroit-style picture above and that for about $20, which wasn't too bad. 
    On Saturday, I met up with two friends at Crispelli's, in WB, for more pizza—they are two of the five friends going on my bachelorette party trip next month, and no one has met before, so this was an opportunity for them to meet each other.
    On Sunday, my parents and I did Hungry Howie's takeout, and yesterday, I was working in the office so I had Sweetgreen for lunch, which was expensive but tasty. 
  2. Royal Oak Restaurant Week. As a continuation on the above, I had dinner yesterday with two friends (former coworkers), at D'Amato's, for Royal Oak Restaurant Week, which was very good. RORW goes until Sunday, btw, and you can find all the menus here. I have been to D'Amato's before, I think always for RORW, but it had been about ten years since I had been back. I will say their tiramisu was just okay, but the Italian wedding soup and the chicken parmesan was great, with a HUGE portion of chicken and pasta. 
  3. Dropping by Paris Baguette. Yesterday was a busy day; after I had lunch at Sweetgreen, I went next door to Paris Baguette. We had written about them for work and they invited me to come in and take some photos of their new summer items (mostly lemon-flavored things), and also sent me a very generous gift card to purchase some items. Instead of me having to use the gift card, they actually sent me back to the office with all of these on the house, which was also super nice of them; there were 4-5 desserts, and also 3-4 savory items, which I left in the office to share with coworkers. 
  4. Working in the office. I mostly work from home now, which I've gotten used to (since 2020) and really enjoy. My company is now requiring that we come in once a month, and they've moved from their former office, in Troy (the building I worked at, from August 2012 through March 2020) to a smaller office in Birmingham. I will say I enjoy going out for lunch, when I work in-office, because it's within walking distance to all of the Birmingham restaurant and shops; last time, I went to Brooklyn Pizza, and yesterday, I went to Sweetgreen. I do wish Birmingham had more fast-casual places, though; one of my favorites, Sy Thai, is there, but it's more of a sit-down place, although they do offer takeout.
  5. Seeing movies and watching TV shows. Last Friday, I saw Babes in the theater, which I really enjoyed—I'd give it 4/5 stars or maybe even 4.5/5 stars. It stars Michelle Buteau, whom I like from a few Netflix shows, and Ilana Glazer, whom I really enjoyed in Broad City a while back. I'm not seeing any movies today, but I plan on seeing Furiosa, the new Mad Max movie, tomorrow at the theater, and also the new Bad Boys movie, in IMAX, on Sunday. 
    As for TV shows, Perfect Match is back on Netflix today so I'll check it out. A lot of my shows have ended for the summer, but Trying still has new episodes, on AppleTV, and so does Dark Matter (also AppleTV). I finally watched one episode of The Veil, too, on Hulu, with Elisabeth Moss; it was kind of hard to follow, but I'll try at least 1-2 more episodes to see if I like it more. My nighttime watch (rewatch, technically) has been Superstore on Hulu, which has always been a favorite of mine; my previous nighttime watch was Schitt's Creek, another rewatch, which I finished.
Summer LTOs at Paris Baguette, Birmingham
Summer LTOs at Paris Baguette, Birmingham

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